‘Killed It’: Travis Kelce Reveals Special Christmas Gift He Got From Taylor Swift’s Brother

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed the special gift he got for Christmas from Taylor Swift‘s brother, Austin Swift.

During Kelce’s bonus “New Heights” podcast Friday with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the NFL stars talked to other family members, including mom Donna Kelce, father Ed Kelce, and Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce, about their family Christmas traditions and how their Christmas went this year.

The Chiefs star said Swift‘s brother dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit and gave him a VHS of his favorite football movie, 1994’s “Little Giants.”

“It was a full commit,” Travis told his brother. “He [Austin] killed it, and he actually made me feel like a child, because his gift to me was straight out of the [Santa] bag.”

“And handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time,” he added. “‘Little Giants.’ I got a VHS tape, a VHS ‘Little Giants’ movie.”

Both Kylie and Jason agreed it was a “dope” and “awesome” gift from Swift’s brother.

“Yeah, it was,” the Chiefs’ player replied. “Santa kills it.”

While Travis did not share what he gave the 34-year-old pop singer, a source close to the “Shake It Off” hitmaker said that having both of their families together for Christmas was “meaningful” to Swift.

“Seeing their families together on such a special holiday was the best gift ever for Taylor,” a source told Daily Mail. “She’s never had this happen before and it made the holiday the most meaningful one for her.”

Early on Christmas Day, Swift and her family showed up at the Kansas City game and joined Travis’ father Ed Kelce in his suite to watch the Chiefs take on the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The Chiefs failed to come away with a victory, falling to the Raiders 14-20. After the game, photos captured Kelce and Swift leaving the stadium holding hands. Despite the team’s loss, Kelce said on the podcast his Christmas “ended well with good Christmas cheer and great people. And that’s always going to save Christmas if you lose to the Raiders or not.”

Swift recently spilled the details about her romance with Kelce and said they were already a couple when she first attended a Chiefs game back on September 24.

The superstar singer was named Time’s 2023 “Person of the Year,” and in a wide-ranging interview, Swift included the timeline of her and the Kansas City player’s relationship, including when it really began.

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