Israeli soldiers removed from service for singing Jewish prayer into loudspeaker of mosque in Jenin

Israeli soldiers have been removed from operational activity after videos emerged online of them reciting and singing Jewish prayers into the loudspeakers of a mosque in in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.  

"During IDF operational activity in close proximity to a mosque in Jenin, soldiers acted against IDF codes of conduct within a religious establishment," an Israeli Defense Forces statement on Thursday said. 

The statement did not say how many Israeli soldiers were removed.

"The soldiers were immediately removed from operational activity, after receiving the videos and after an initial inspection of the incident by commanders. The behavior of the soldiers in the videos is serious and stands in complete opposition to the values ​​of the IDF. The soldiers will be disciplined accordingly," the IDF said. 

CNN has verified several videos which show Israeli soldiers reciting "Shema Yisrael" — one of the most well-known Jewish prayers — into the loudspeaker of the mosque in Jenin. 

A total of 12 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during the latest Israeli incursion in the city that began on Tuesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said earlier on Thursday.  

Israeli forces have now completed their latest military operation in Jenin, the IDF said in a statement Thursday evening.  

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