Israeli mother says her teenage kids compared their Gaza captivity to Fortnite: 'Beyond imagination'


A group of released Israeli hostages held their first public address in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, days after being freed from Hamas captivity.

Hadas Kalderon, the mother of 13-year-old former hostage Erez Kalderon and 16-year-old former hostage Sahar Kalderon, called her children "my own private superheroes."

She said that her kids compared their experience in Gaza to the popular video game Fortnite.

"My own private superheroes survived and returned," Kalderon said. "According to them, it was the war game Fortnite. A game that has become a reality, a reality that is beyond imagination."

The mother said that her husband is still in Gaza and called for him to be released.

"Their father, Ofer Kalderon, is still there," she added. "Sahar wants a father! Erez wants a father!"

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