Israeli Air Force strikes anti-tank missile terrorist cell with guidance from ground troops


The Israeli Air Force struck an anti-tank missile terrorist cell in Daraj Tuffah on Thursday with the guidance of Israel Defense Forces troops on the ground in the area.

The IDF said troops destroyed terrorist infrastructure inside a building after RPG missiles were fired from it in the direction of an IDF vehicle. An anti-tank missile launch site with operating terrorists was struck by an IAF fighter jet in the same area at the direction of troops on the ground.

Israeli forces have also conducted operations in the Daraj Tuffah area over the past two days, eliminating terrorists via ground and aerial strikes.

"In a separate incident, terrorists fired at IDF troops from a building during operational activity," the IDF said. "Following searches of the residence from which the shots were fired, the troops located dozens of weapons."

The IDF's naval forces are also providing support to troops conducting ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

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