Israel responds to 'suspicious aerial target' from Lebanon, strikes Hamas in Gaza

Israel's Air Force announced Tuesday that it has intercepted a "suspicious aerial target that crossed from the territory of Lebanon into the territory of the State of Israel."

The development comes as the Israel Defense Forces say "soldiers of the Nahal Brigade operating in the Jabalya area in the northern Gaza Strip located several combat posts and weapons caches used by Hamas in a residential area and near a school.

"The combat equipment was taken by the soldiers for further examination. All of the terror infrastructure found was located near civilian buildings and infrastructure," it added. 

"As part of the operation, the soldiers demolished the residence of a Nukhba terrorist prepared for attacking IDF soldiers," the IDF said, referring to a fighter from Hamas' elite force. "The residence served as a Hamas command center and contained combat-related documents and laptops belonging to Hamas which contained operational plans for the October 7 massacre."

The Israeli Air Force also in the last day has "struck a number of launch posts used to fire rockets at Israelis across the country from inside the Gaza Strip," according to the IDF.

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