IDF raids Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City

The Israel Defense Forces conducted an overnight raid at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, according to the church that runs the hospital.

The facility was the scene of an explosion early in the war that killed dozens of Palestinians, and which an Associated Press investigation later determined was likely caused by a misfired Palestinian rocket.

IDF soldiers destroyed a wall at the hospital's front entrance and detained most of the hospital staff, said Don BInder, a pastor at St. George's Anglican Cathedral, which operates the hospitals. In a Facebook post, Binder said the raid left just two doctors, four nurses and two janitors to tend to over 100 seriously wounded patients, with no running water or electricity.

“It has been a great mercy for the many wounded in Gaza City that we were able to keep our Ahli Anglican Hospital open for so long,” Binder wrote late Monday. “That ended today.”

The IDF did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

The Israeli military has claimed other hospitals in Gaza have been used as terror bases by Hamas, sharing video of weapons recovered at those sites and tunnels underneath the facilities. Hospital staff have denied the Israeli accusations. 

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