IDF foils Hamas ambush that used dolls, children’s backpacks and speakers playing crying noises

The Israel Defense Forces said Friday it has foiled a “Hamas terrorist ambush” attempt that used dolls, children’s backpacks and speakers playing sounds of crying in hopes of luring soldiers to a tunnel. 

“The ambush attempted to use dolls and children's backpacks with speakers playing sounds of crying. These were placed intentionally near a tunnel shaft connecting to a large tunnel network,” the IDF said in a statement. 

“This network extends under other nearby civilian structures, including a school and a medical clinic. It also connects to a mosque containing a Hamas command center equipped with cameras that were monitoring IDF troops,” the IDF continued. “The command center is connected to the medical clinic's power supply.” 

The IDF added that “Hamas anti-tank and intelligence positions were also located in the area, along with an extensive network of explosives aimed at targeting IDF troops.” 

An image released by the IDF appeared to show some of the items recovered from the reported ambush attempt. 

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