Brad Paisley And Wife Kimberly Williams Open Free Toy Store For Kids Ahead Of Holidays

Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, announced they have opened a free toy store ahead of the holidays for kids in the Nashville area.

The 51-year-old country singer and his wife have opened “The Toy Store” which offers free toys for 400 families this season, giving parents — who might not otherwise be able — the chance to give their kids a special gift for Christmas, Parade reported.

“The emotional aspect of being able to give your child something your child wanted versus just something to sort of get you through the holidays, that’s such a load off the minds of somebody who maybe didn’t think they were going to be able to do that,” Paisley told the Associated Press of the shop.

“People come on hard times and we want this to be a safe, welcoming place for everybody, whether you’re volunteering or whether you’re needing the services,” Williams-Paisley added. “It’s just a community and we’re all in it together.”

In a video posted on Instagram, the singer talked about when they launched their year-round free grocery store called “The Store” in Nashville in 2020, their goal was to eventually “do a Christmas Toy Store for kids and parents to have the same experience of shopping with dignity and choice, but in an extra-fun way.”“Seeing it happen was magical,” he added. “The look on the faces of these kids was worth every bit of effort. Thanks to all who helped make this happen. Hopefully just the start!”

He also thanked the great companies who he said generously donated toys.

Brad and Kimberly said despite all this good news, they could still use more help with their free grocery store as the cost of groceries keeps going up.

“We’re still not serving everybody that we want to serve. Food insecurity is on the rise,” Williams-Paisley told the AP. “The USDA just released its report saying 17 million households in this country are facing food insecurity and that’s on the rise from 2021.”

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