Actress Dakota Johnson Details Unusual Sleep Schedule, Calls It ‘Number One Priority In Life’

Actress Dakota Johnson said the top priority in her life is sleeping, which is why she does so much of it. 

The 34-year-old daughter of celebrities Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson discussed her bedtime habits and other wellness rituals during a recent interview with WSJ Magazine. 

“I’m not functional if I get less than 10 [hours of sleep],” Johnson told the outlet in an interview published December 11 for the My Monday Mornings series. “I can easily go 14 hours.”

“I don’t have a regular [wake-up] time,” the “50 Shades of Grey” actress explained of how she manages to sleep so much. “It depends on what’s happening in my life. If I’m not working, if I have a day off on a Monday, then I will sleep as long as I can.”

“Sleep is my number one priority in life,” Johnson added.

The celeb also discussed other aspects of her routine, including regular meditation.

“I meditate every day, twice a day,” she told WSJ. “I do transcendental meditation. I’ve been really into breathwork recently and that’s been helping me a lot with anxiety.”

Johnson also said she’s a huge fan of taking baths. “I will get in a bathtub at any moment,” the celeb went on. “Any time of the day. If in the middle of the day, I’m like, ‘Oh God, what is this world?’ I’ll get in the bathtub. I find water really grounding.”

As for the upcoming holidays, the actress said things are usually stress free because her family doesn’t observe any traditions.

“My family doesn’t really have holiday traditions. We’re kind of free-flowing in that department. We’re all very good at not applying stress to each other to show up or behave in a certain way, which I think is really nice,” Johnson told the outlet. 

She added, “The holidays are stressful and especially with the world and the state that it’s in, just being quiet and spending time with people you love and make you feel good is better than forcing traditions that feel stressful.”

The star of Marvel’s upcoming film “Madame Web” has been in a relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin since 2017. She has no children.

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