Dying mother of Hamas hostage pleads with Biden to help release her from Hamas captivity

The terminally-ill mother of a China-born Israeli student who was kidnapped from a music festival in Israel by Hamas terrorists pleaded for President Biden to help free her daughter before she dies from cancer. 

In a video posted online, Liona Argamani said she was dying from brain cancer and wanted Biden and the Red Cross to do whatever’s possible to free her daughter, Noa. 

Noa Argamani, 26, has not been released in any of the waves of hostages freed by Hamas as part of a prisoner exchange deal with Israel. 

“I don’t know how long I have left,” Liona Argamani said while sitting on a brown chair with a missing persons poster featuring her daughter’s image in the background. “I wish for the change to see my Noa at home.” 

“I call upon President Biden and the Red Cross to bring back my Noa as soon as possible so that I get a chance to see her,” she added. 

Noa was among multiple music festival-goers attacked on Oct. 7. In a video that has been shared to social media, Argamani is seen crying for help as her boyfriend, Avi Natan, remained defenseless, surrounded by several men, with his hands held behind his back as she was taken away. 

Argamani’s mother ended her brief message by re-assuring her daughter that everything was done to free her. 

“Noa, I want to tell you if I don’t get to see you, please know that I love you very much,” she said. “Please know we did everything  we could to get you released. The whole world loves you.”

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