Survivor Of Israel Music Festival Massacre: Hamas Was ‘Shooting And Laughing,’ They Were ‘Having Fun’

A woman who attended an outdoor music festival in southern Israel last weekend that became the site where hundreds of people were murdered in an Islamic terror attack said in an interview this week that the terrorists were “laughing” as they shot people.

Shani Ohana recounted her near-death experience during an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Wednesday night on “The Source.”

Ohana hid for hours before Israeli military forces arrived on scene, pushed the terrorists out, and rescued her and others.

“Around 6:30, I remember, just a few minutes before I took a picture of the sunrise, because it was so, so beautiful, the bombs started,” she said. “At first, I didn’t panic, because bombs is something that unfortunately happens in our day-to-day life in Israel.”

“So, me and my friend just started walking back to our camp, taking our stuff, making sure everyone we came with was there,” she continued. “And then, the police told us to just leave everything, and just run, that things are bad. There were tons, tons, tons of bombs.

She said that she and her friends got in a car and started driving out of the area when they approached men who appeared to be in Israel’s military, but actually turned out to be terrorists.

She said that they tried to get out through a different area but encountered the same issue and that they stumbled upon an area where a group of people in a bomb shelter had been massacred by terrorists. She said the car she was riding in got hit multiple times with bullets, and that fortunately, no one in the car was injured.

She said that she and friends hid in bushes for nine hours and heard nothing but “non-stop shooting” for the majority of the time.

“We could hear them talking. We could hear them laughing, while they were shooting. We can hear the bombs because –” she said.

“They were laughing?” Collins asked.

“They were laughing, always, always laughing, always shooting and laughing,” Ohana responded. “Because, you could hear them, on their voices, that they’re having fun, that they’re like ‘Yes, we finally did this.’ Every car that passes by, we can hear the grenades, and the shooting. And it was just, just terrible.”


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