Official describes note left by Maine shootings suspect that indicated he did not expect to be found alive

Officials shared more information Saturday about the note left behind by Maine shooting rampage suspect Robert Card, which a law enforcement official had previously told CNN indicated that Card did not expect to be found alive.

Card was found dead Friday after a more than 48-hour manhunt, following the shootings in Lewiston, Maine, which killed at least 18 people and wounded 13 others.

The note, a message left behind on a piece of paper at his residence, was addressed to a loved one and gave them the passcode to Card's phone and his bank account numbers, Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said at a news briefing.

"I wouldn't describe it as an explicit suicide note, but the tone and tenor was that the individual was not going to be around, and wanted to make sure that this loved one had access to his phone and whatever was in his phone," Sauschuck said.

Sauschuck said investigators are now working to get into the phone, but they have to obtain a special warrant in order to access it.

The commissioner also confirmed that a "long gun" was found inside the white Subaru owned by Card, which was found near a boat launch in Lisbon. Investigators are working to confirm that the gun was connected to the deadly shootings at a restaurant and a bowling alley

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