RISHI TAX AMBUSH Senior Tories will mutiny at Rishi Sunak’s party conference by staging ‘unprecedented intervention’ to call for tax cuts

SENIOR Tories will mutiny at the party’s conference tomorrow by staging an “unprecedented intervention” to call for tax cuts.

The PM wants to use his first conference as party leader to turn his fortunes around with hard-hitting policy announcements on smoking and education.

Rishi Sunak is preparing for his first Conservative Party Conference as PM

Former PM Liz Truss is one of several rebel Tories ambushing Sunak tomorrow

But an influential bloc of rising star MPs are threatening to overshadow him by unveiling five demands in a 90-minute ambush.

Other warring tribes are set to chip in, further stealing the limelight from the PM.

Heading the charge will be the New Conservatives who want taxes cut, starting with those of typical white van men and women.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun on Sunday, they warn that sky-high taxes are choking off growth and want the threshold at which small firms pay VAT raised from £85,000 to £250,000.

It has been held at the lower level since 2017, hitting increasing numbers of plumbers, electricians and beauticians every year.

New Conservative Nick Fletcher said: “The VAT threshold is acting as a drag on exactly those businesses that we need to support.”

The group also wants woke trans ideology banned in schools, immigration slashed and apprenticeships boosted.

Danny Kruger, co-chair of the group, said: “If we hope to rebuild our 2019 coalition, we need to be bold.

“These polling-proved policies would show the ­electorate we will always stand for their values.”

Former PM Liz Truss, meanwhile, will also revolt a year on from the collapse of her premiership.

She will tell Mr Sunak to return to her tax-cutting agenda.

She will say: “We must make the Conservative Party the party of business again, by getting Corporation Tax back down to 19 per cent.”

It now stands at 25 per cent.

Ms Truss will add: “This is how we make Britain grow again. It is free businesses that will get us there, not the Treasury, not the Government and not the State.”

The Northern Research Group of Red Wall MPs, meanwhile, is also lobbing grenades into the mix.

It will demand the building of 500,000 new homes.

Danny Kruger, co-chair of the New Conservative group is also set to mutiny

New Conservative's Nick Fletcher is set to hit out at high VAT

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