First 3 Episodes Of ‘Convicting A Murderer’ Are Out: Here’s The Recap

DailyWire+ released the first three episodes of the highly anticipated documentary series “Convicting a Murderer” earlier this week — with producer Candace Owens jumping straight into the lesser-known facts of the Steven Avery case.  

The Netflix series “Making a Murderer” portrayed convicted criminal Steven Avery as an innocent victim of corrupt law enforcement in the murder of Teresa Halbach. The Netflix series sparked a worldwide fascination in the case, attracting around 19 million viewers, but “Convicting a Murderer” pulls back the curtain on what viewers missed in “Making a Murderer.” 

The 10-episode series contains exclusive interviews with subjects not included in the Netflix show, including law enforcement officers, family members, and fans-turned-investigators whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the case.

Episode 1: “An Unraveling Narrative”

Owens comes out swinging right from the start in “Convicting a Murderer.” In the first episode, she compares the Avery case and his subsequent support to how the Black Lives Matter movement exploded after the death of Michael Brown in 2014. 

“Did white people just kinda want their Michael Brown moment?” she asks in the documentary. “Was this maybe the beginning of white lives matter?” 

In episode one, police reports from Avery’s younger years unveil a significantly more alarming criminal history than previously disclosed, and the intentions of the “Making a Murderer” filmmakers begin to come to light. 

“So, when you look a little closer at Steven Avery’s history, you see a very different side to the man that we’ve seen portrayed in ‘Making a Murderer,’” Owens says in the episode. 

Episode 2: “Sharing Wives”

The second episode reveals shocking evidence left out of “Making a Murderer,” such as Avery’s past animal cruelty, alleged abduction attempt, and accusations of a violent sexual history. Avery’s letters to his ex-wife while he was in prison from 1985 to 2003 are also revealed in the episode. 

“When I saw these letters, my jaw just hit the floor,” Owens says. The episode also goes into detail about some of Avery’s family relationships that were left out in “Making a Murderer,” such as his estranged children, alleged violence toward his sister, and alleged abuse of his daughter.

Episode 3: “Avery’s Niece”  

*Warning: This episode contains graphic details* 

In this episode, some of Avery’s relatives come forward with horrific new allegations, such as an alleged illicit relationship with his underage niece. Avery is also accused of a pattern of violence against his fiancee. The accusations against Avery for having an inappropriate relationship with his minor niece were not disclosed in “Making a Murderer,” as “Convicting a Murderer” gives viewers a deeper look into allegations made against Avery by his own family members, and Steven’s brother Earl is asked if he thinks Steven is guilty. 

The episode also details a past encounter between Avery and Teresa Halbach that was left out of “Making a Murderer.” “Convicting a Murderer” also reveals some strange purchases Avery made in the weeks leading up to Halbach’s murder. 

Coming Next

Next Thursday, DailyWire+ will release episode 4, “Shifting Timelines,” which reveals unheard 15-second bombshell audio shedding new light on the Avery case. The audio comes from a dispatch call that has been used as “proof” that corrupt police targeted Avery, but there’s more to the audio than what viewers of “Making a Murderer” heard. 

If you missed the “Convicting a Murderer” series premiere, you can still catch up here and become a member to follow the rest of the series. The remaining seven episodes will debut weekly on DailyWire+ every Thursday.

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