What some Russians are saying about the plane crash

Nearly 24 hours after the plane crash that is believed to have killed Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, some Russians are unsure of what to make of the news.

CNN spoke to several individuals about the crash. All agreed to be identified only by their first name so they could speak freely without fear of retribution.

No one CNN spoke to believed Ukraine was responsible for the crash. Many openly speculated about its cause, including whether Russian President Vladimir Putin brought down the jet as retribution for Prigozhin's failed mutiny in June. 

"He was killed by Putin, who does not forgive betrayal. The first video shot shows a clear trace of a missile. Putin was behind it or it could have been his Politburo but Putin knew and approved," said Alexey from Moscow.

No evidence has been presented that points to the Kremlin's or Russian security services' involvement in the crash. The cause of the incident is unknown and Russian authorities have launched a criminal investigation. 

Despite the lack of proof, Evgeniy from St. Petersburg also believes the Putin regime was behind the incident, but he does not think that the plane was shot out of the sky.

"It was definitely Putin. But it wasn’t a missile. Explosives were planted on board," he said

Others, like Dimitry from Moscow, believed the longtime mercenary group leader had faked his own death.

"He had doubles. And it fits his creative personality to orchestrate such an exit. He’s probably happily enjoying a gin and tonic somewhere in Cabo Verde," said Dimitry.

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