France says conditions under which Prigozhin plane crash occurred “remain unknown"

French government spokesperson Olivier Veran speaks at a news conference in Paris on July 26.

A French government spokesman said many details about the plane crash that is presumed to have killed Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin "remain unknown."

When asked by French television station France 2 if he was surprised by the news of the crash, Olivier Veran said:

“We still don't know the conditions under which this crash took place. We can have reasonable doubts.”

Veran added that Prigozhin was the man behind “Putin’s dirty work” and, if he is indeed dead, he would leave behind “a terrible mess” in large parts of the world. Veran said that Prigozhin's actions are “inseparable” from President Vladimir Putin’s politics. 

Veran also agreed with US President Joe Biden’s statement that “little happens in Russia that Putin is not behind,” saying that “on principle that is a truth we can establish.”

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