Do candidates receive debate questions ahead of time?

 Candidates of a presidential debate do not receive questions ahead of time. While current events are surely expected as discussion topics, the precise questions are kept completely secret from candidates.

There has been speculation at times that some presidential candidates have caught wind of questions prior to the start of a debate, but debate moderators, hosting news organizations and politicians have denied it in every case.

So, how does a candidate prepare to answer unknown questions?

Abortion, immigration, Russia and Ukraine, inflation and student loans are issues Americans are prioritizing under the nose of the 2024 presidential race. Viewers should expect some, if not all, of these issues to rear their heads during the debate. Because these political issues are quintessential, the candidates will likely warm up responses during mock debates.

The way a candidate chooses to answer a question is solely up to them, though. Qualifiers may aim for vague replies to moderators, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, for questions they prefer to evade.

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