'A HUGE MISTAKE' McDonald’s fans devastated over ‘much-missed’ discontinued favourites never returning to menus

MCDONALD'S fans are out in full force over two discontinued items last seen on menus over a year ago.

The fast food chain axed breakfast wraps and bagels from restaurants during the first wave of coronavirus in March 2020.

McDonalds posted a lengthy Twitter, now X, post after axing the items in January 2022

And foodies praying for their return were left distraught in January 2022 when it confirmed the items would not be returning for good.

In a dramatic Twitter, now X, post, the business said: "It is with love and deep respect for one another that we announce that we are parting ways with Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps.

It continued: "We want our fans to know this is a mutual decision, to the extent that a bagel can make its own decision."

Fans of the savoury snacks were left gutted following the decision.

One said they were "absolutely fuming" while another added: "This news makes it likely my trips will be even less. Great job."

Even Singer Olly Murs

 weighed in on the debate, saying he was "devastated" at the news.

More than 18 months on and it seems Maccie's customers are still distraught about the items disappearance from menus.

One recently said: "I remember the much-missed breakfast wrap...

"Mouth watering just thinking about it."

Another said: "Please bring back the McDonald's breakfast wrap in the UK. You don't know what I'd do for it."

Meanwhile, a third added: "How many signatures would you require to bring the breakfast wrap back?"

And a fourth weighed in: "The fact that McDonald's still have (sic) the breakfast wrap page live gives me hope it'll return one day.

"But they're probably teasing me."

A fifth person said: "I don't really care much for your summer menu, I just want to breakfast wrap back!

"It was a huge mistake getting rid of it in the first place."

It comes after fans were recently left fuming when Maccie's dropped its double chocolate pie from menus.

The snack was only meant to stick around until September 5 latest or until stocks lasted.

But it was dropped from menus earlier this month, with fans left fuming: "Where's the chocolate pies gone am fuming with yas."

Meanwhile, some customers are only just realising the fast food chain's loyalty points expire.

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