Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Turns On ‘Morally Repugnant’ Sibling As Hashtag Backlash Grows

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a backlash from angry citizens inspired to level testimonial-style Twitter takedowns, with one of the most damning coming from his own half-brother.

Kyle Kemper, who Trudeau’s mother had with her second husband, Fried Kemper, has joined the #TrudeauMustGo movement on Twitter, renewing his sibling feud. And while Kemper’s criticism of his half-brother is not entirely new, it seems to have hit a fever pitch.

“I’m a 37 year old father of 4.5, entrepreneur, crypto OG & proud Canadian,” Kemper tweeted Saturday, following a format sweeping the nation. “For 2 decades I’ve been calling BS on the corporatocracy and my brother Justin Trudeau  has become a captive in their scheme. It’s time #TrudeauMustGo and for Canada to become a sovereign nation again.”

Trudeau sparred with conservatives earlier this year when he push vaccine mandates on the country, sparking the Freedom Convoy movement that shut down Ottawa for weeks. He has survived an election challenge, but has faced growing opposition from citizens and rising conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

The “Trudeau Must Go” hashtag trended on Twitter over the weekend, after a Calgary engineer named Martin Belanger posted an emotional retort to Trudeau’s declaration earlier this year that people who don’t want the COVID vaccine “don’t believe in science, they are misogynistic, often racist” and should not be “tolerated.”

Trudeau delivered the remarks in French, and Belanger said he was translating the clip when he realized the message was aimed at people like him. He responded with a tweet that went viral and sparked Kemper’s similar testimonial and thousands more.

“I’m a 55 year-old Canadian,” Belanger’s tweet read. “I’m married, father to 4, university educated & perfectly bilingual. I’m an engineer, solving problems for 35 yrs. I’m a volunteer hockey coach & an avid outdoorsman. According to Trudeau, I’m an extremist who needs to be dealt with.”

The effort spawned hundreds of similar tweets, where Canadians described themselves as well-meaning, hard-working, decent folks and ended their messages by saying Trudeau considers them extremists and the hashtag, “TrudeauMustGo.”

“I am a surgeon and a poet. I was fired for voicing safety concerns about covid shots for children,” wrote Dr. Francis Christian. “I support freedom and truth. According to Trudeau I am a white (actually I am brown!) nationalist, racist and misogynist.”

“I’m a 35 year old father of 2, married to a ER nurse who was fired for not wanting to get the shots while pregnant with our third,” read a tweet from Jeremy Vanderhaar. “I’m a tradesman in a small town. I stood with the truckers in Ottawa, and am everything socialite Trudeau hates.”

Lawyer-turned YouTube sensation David Freiheit, who goes by Viva Frei online and is a fierce critic of Trudeau, said the movement is getting to the prime minister. He cited Trudeau’s bizarre hotel lobby performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” while in England for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral as evidence.

“The only reason Justin Trudeau would defile Bohemian Rhapsody so publicly and so proudly while in England for the solemn occasion of the Queen‘s funeral is to try and start another hashtag to supplant the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag,” Freiheit tweeted. “That’s how diabolical Trudeau is.”

Kemper, in a lengthy thread, said he loves his brother, but repeated past criticism that Trudeau is listening to the wrong people and implementing misguided policies.

“To my brother Justin Trudeau: I hold love and space for you,” Kemper tweeted. “Your words and actions over the past two years have been deplorable and morally repugnant. I believe you are acting under duress and it’s time for you to release yourself from the spells that bind you.”

Trudeau and other Canadian liberals initially claimed the hashtag trended because it was propelled by “bots” sending out phony testimonials. The hashtag reportedly garnered more than 500,000 tweets or interactions before Twitter stopped displaying the figures over the weekend.

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