Google’s Anti-White ‘Image Equity Fellowship’ Announces Winners

 Are you an early-career image-based creator self-identifying white guy or gal in the United States? Well, it is too bad if you are because it looks like your skin color just prevented you from receiving thousands of dollars as part of Google’s 2022 Image Equity Fellowship.

Recently, Google announced the winners of its “first-ever” Image Equity Fellowship. The fellowship is “a six-month, application-based Fellowship awarded to twenty early-career image-based creators of color in the U.S.” According to the company, winners will receive “$20,000 in unrestricted funds to create an image-based project that explores and uplifts communities of color.” The fellowship is supported in partnership with Google, Aperture, For Freedoms, and FREE THE WORK.

Per guidelines, self-identifying whites were not allowed to apply.

Google informed applications that, “The Image Equity Fellowship will consider any person who meets the following qualifications,” which included criteria that the “Fellow must self-identify as a person of color (e.g. Black, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, Asian, and/or Latinx)”

Now, in theory, a white guy named Tommy Callahan could self-identify as a “person of color” and apply for the Fellowship.

In 2022, that tactic works for men who self-identify as women and compete in traditionally women’s only contests. To borrow a phrase from mathematics, by the transitive property (or is it transgender property), trans-racialism should work here as well. A brief review of Google’s winners shows that nobody successfully attempted that stunt.

However, the Big Tech Giant is only the latest corporation to embrace blatantly anti-white discrimination. Amazon and Pfizer, for example, are currently running similar programs.

As has been heavily discussed on The Daily Wire, all of this is what happens when Critical Race Theory (CRT) is put into practice.

The end result is a society where Americans are not viewed as individuals, but as members of a collective group based on their skin tone. In that bizarro-world, merit, hard work, and quality of character don’t matter — the only thing that determines your success or failure is whether you happen to have been born with the right skin color as deemed by your “anti-racist” moral betters. If you’re white, you’ll face discrimination. If not, you’ll have it easy.

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination,” one of America’s most “preeminent” CRT hucksters, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi argued in his book “How To Be An Anti-Racist.”

“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination,” Kendi added. “The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

So under that framework, Google is doing something noble by putting forth a Fellowship that discriminates against self-identifying whites.

Of course, that’s nonsense, arguably illegal, and brings America backward to a race-based society. Google’s old motto, was “Don’t Be Evil,” but perpetuating this garbage certainly fits the definition of evil.

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