Harrowing video shows corpses being dumped in mass graves in Ukrainian town where dozens have been killed by Russian troops

 Residents in Kyiv suburb of Bucha did not start the year expecting their streets to be the site of the most intense warfare on European soil for generations.

Now they are facing the consequences - they must dig mass graves for the scores of civilians killed in the two-week 'Battle of Bucha' between Russian and Ukrainian

A tragic and detailed video shows locals bagging and burying dozens of people outside the town's Church of St. Andrew Pervozvannoho.

No identifiers have been laid for the dead, nor crosses or a memorial, according to the person who shared the video on Facebook.

A small group of men work together to drag the bodies off the transport vehicle
The bodies are carefully piled up outside the church, with locals going back to retrieve more

Bucha locals are seen taking the bagged bodies from a truck and burying them neatly outside the suburb's main church - but there are no markers or crosses over the graves

Andriy Levkivskyi wrote: '67 civilians were buried on the grounds of the city church of Bucha in a mass grave.

'They were different [but] now no one is identified. Crosses are not placed on mass graves.'  In the video, a small group of men can be seen unloading piles of bodies in black bags into a large ditch next to the church.

They say little and look solemn as they do it, carefully piling the bodies on top of each other in a neat row.

It's not clear where exactly the people died or in what circumstances, but it's more than likely they died during the two-weeks-long Battle of Bucha which started late last month.

It's not clear where or how these civilians died, but they are presumably collateral damage in the 'Battle of Bucha'
All the dozens of bodies piled up in Bucha are carefully bagged and sealed - and it's hoped they may be moved somewhere more appropriate after the conflict

Just when the Bucha residents think they've finished the job, they spot more bags on the truck

Since Monday, Russia has claimed control of the suburb just north of Kyiv. 

The graphic video emerged as Ukraine's civilian death toll continues to rise and a swift end to the war remains unlikely. 

On Monday the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) verified a total of 691 civilian deaths since the invasion began on February 24, but the true number is thought to be considerably higher.

In fact, the number of civilians killed in Mariupol alone is now thought to be around 1,200.

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