Double-murderer is jailed for life: 'Evil' thug who knifed ex-girlfriend and her autistic son, nine, to death over fears autism was 'contagious' will spend at least 40 years behind bars - as video shows dramatic moment of his arrest

 An 'evil' thug who knifed his ex-partner and her autistic son to death, before leading police on a 24-hour manhunt, will spend at least 40 years behind bars.

Daniel Boulton was jailed for life today after repeatedly stabbing Bethany Vincent, 26, and her son Darren Henson, nine, after walking 28 miles from Skegness to their house in Louth, Lincolnshire because he thought autism was 'contagious'.A jury heard Boulton calmly smoked a cigarette in the garden after carrying out the murders and walked away leaving a 'distressed' nine-month-old child.

He then led police on a manhunt until the next day, burgling a cottage where he stole alcohol and food and stabbing an off-duty police officer in the leg.

He was Tasered and arrested at a nearby farm in Hallington after trying to hijack two cars and encouraging armed officers to shoot him.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Miss Vincent suffered nine stab wounds, one of which was 20cm in depth and passed through her heart.

Darren suffered 14 stab wounds to the face, neck, chest, leg, shoulder, and back.

Boulton, of Alexandra Road, Skegness, had previously admitted manslaughter but denied murder.

Yesterday, a jury took just two hours to find him unanimously guilty of two counts of murder.

Telling Daniel Boulton there was a possibility he may never be released, Mr Justice Pepperall told the killer: 'I'm sure that you targeted DJ (Darren Henson) because of your hatred and you were motivated by his autism.

'You acted calmly, callously and efficiently ... you intended to kill, you knew precisely what you were doing.'

The defendant was emotionless as he was led away from the dock.

It comes as police have now released helicopter footage showing Boulton on the run at the farmyard.

He slows down to a walk at a barn door before, climbing over a fence, when he then gesticulates at police, who corner him and point weapons.

The force has also published bodycam footage of Boulton being put into a police van, in which he says: 'I know I'm an evil b*****d but can you get me some water please?'   

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