Matt Walsh’s Sarcastic Thread On Media Dragging ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Goes Viral: Left ‘Never’ Shows ‘Disrespect’

 Daily Wire host Matt Walsh posted a Twitter thread on Monday slamming the media for dragging a father who said “Let’s go Brandon” during a phone call with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden on the Santa Tracker, Friday.

As noted by The Daily Wire, one father on the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)’s Santa Tracker line ended a call by saying, “Let’s go Brandon.” Biden notably replied, “Let’s go Brandon — I agree.”

The phrase has become a viral saying hitting not only Biden, but the media, too. Following a NASCAR earlier race this year, an NBC reporter claimed fans were cheering on the race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

“I think it’s good that they hunted down that guy who said Let’s Go Brandon and tried to destroy his life,” Walsh sarcastically posted online. “In a democracy we simply should not be allowed to talk about our political leaders that way.”

“Besides, the Left has never shown any disrespect towards Republican presidents,” he said, teeing up the follow-up tweets.

“I distinctly remember the media and all leftists demonstrating an enormous amount of respect and reverence for the office of the presidency during the Trump years,” he wrote. “They were models of dignity, restraint, and decorum.”

“Who can forget Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of the president in an effort to show how much she respected the president,” Walsh noted. “She loved and respected him so much that she wanted to carry his head around with her. Truly an inspiration.”

“I remember Robert De Niro earning a standing ovation for saying ‘F*** Trump’ during the Tony awards,” the author added. “His respect for the office of the presidency was so deep and profound that he even wanted to have sexual relations with the president. We should all aspire to such reverence.”

The thread went viral in a matter of hours, racking up nearly 10,000 likes on just one of the tweets by the evening.

The media has breathlessly lashed out at the father, and more generally, Americans who use the term to express their dissatisfaction with the Biden administration and the media.

NBC News likened the phrase to a “right-wing” “slur”: “President Joe Biden was subjected to a right-wing anti-Biden slur during a Christmas Eve call with NORAD’s Santa tracker.”

CNN, too, dragged the dad, The Daily Caller reported:

Senior editor at The Atlantic Ron Brownstein joined a CNN panel where he said the phrase was about “insurrection.”

[…] “Consider the mentality here of the father whose child is excited to talk about Santa Clause and then also gets to talk to the president and First Lady,  but he waits out the end of the call to sneak in a cutesy way of flipping off the president on Christmas Eve,” CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere tweeted.

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, the father, who became a trend on Twitter, said he’s received threats:

Jared Schmeck became an instant Twitter-trend when he ended a Christmas phone call with President Joe Biden by saying, “Let’s go Brandon” — a phrase that has been used both as a euphemism for the phrase “f*** Joe Biden” and as a critique of legacy media for running cover for the Biden administration.

Schmeck told The Oregonian/Oregon Live that he has received threats since making the comment, but says that he meant no ill will against the president and doesn’t even dislike him — he only meant to voice his frustrations in what he perceived as a “joking manner.”

“At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better job. I mean no disrespect to him,” Schmeck said. He told the outlet that he did not think of himself as a “Trumper,” instead describing himself as a “free-thinking American and follower of Jesus Christ.”

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