'This is not over!': Desperate Conor McGregor vows to continue rivalry with Dustin Poirier as Joe Rogan interviews him while his leg is wrapped in a splint in a corner of the octagon at UFC 264

 Conor McGregor had no interest in putting his rivalry with Dustin Poirier to bed as he spoke to Joe Rogan following his freak defeat to the American at UFC 264.

McGregor suffered another defeat as he broke his ankle stepping backwards in the final seconds of the first round on Saturday night.

'I was boxing the bleedin head off him,' the Irishman told Rogan as he sat on the floor of the octagon with his leg in a brace.

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McGregor insisted he was 'boxing the bleedin' head' off Poirier during his chat with Joe Rogan

Conor McGregor was in a venomous mood as he reflected on his freak defeat with Joe Rogan

'Usual sh*te, dived to close the distance. This is not over.

'If i have to take this outside with him it's all outside. I don't give a bollocks.

'There was no check,' he responded when asked if Poirier's defence of a leg kick cause the injury.

'Your wife is in my DMs hey baby,' he continued. Hit me back up we'll catch you later on. We'll be at the after party. The Wynn nightclub baby. You little hoe. F*** him.

McGregor then had to leave the octagon on a stretcher, having previously promised it would be Poirier who would have to.

McGregor was forced to leave the octagon on a stretcher after breaking his ankkle

McGregor was forced to leave the octagon on a stretcher after breaking his ankkle

Dustin Poirier feels Conor McGregor got what he deserved
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