I had a six-month love affair with a dolphin after I was seduced but it committed suicide after we were separated

 A MAN claims he had sex with a dolphin after it SEDUCED him.

Malcom Brenner previously penned a book about his months-long sexual affair with the marine mammal, who tragically "committed suicide" following the "relationship".

Brenner confessed to the 'relationship' in a tell-all book
Brenner confessed to the 'relationship' in a tell-all bookCredit: Facebook
Brenner with Dolly in the 70s
Brenner with Dolly in the 70sCredit: Coffee and Celluloid Productions

Brenner confessed to having sex with the dolphin, Dolly, for six months at her water park home in Sarasota, Florida in the 1970s.

He told The Mirror she seduced him by "positioning herself so I was rubbing against her".

Brenner, a college student at the time, was given unrestricted access to Dolly's pool when he was tasked with photographing her.

But he insists it was the animal who "came on" to him while they were swimming.

He claims he initially discouraged her, but then questioned whether he would turn her down if she was a human woman.

He said they managed to "evade" a male dolphin living in her enclosure to snatch some alone time when the park closed.

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