Stunning red ‘Hunter’s Moon’ graces night skies across the globe to signal start of Autumn

 A HUNTER'S Moon brightened the night sky last night and in the early hours of this morning.

The Full Moon helped to create some stunning photographs and observers even spotted a reddish hue to it.

The Hunter's Moon over Portland, Dorset
The Hunter's Moon over Portland, DorsetCredit: Alamy
Hunter's Moon over London
Hunter's Moon over LondonCredit: Rick Findler / Story Picture Agency

A full Moon at this time of year is traditionally called the Hunter's Moon.

This is because it appears around the time that Native American tribes would gather meat for the winter ahead.

Hunters and farmers would use the light of the Full Moon to harvest crops and track prey, stockpiling for the winter.

Traditionally this also meant preserving the meat they caught to keep them going through the cold months.

A Hunter's Moon, much like the Harvest Moon in September, can appear to have a red colour due to the short time between sunset and moon rise.Both moons are associated with signifying that Autumn is here.

The next full Moon will be the Beaver Moon on November 19.

Stunning shots of this year's Hunter's Moon were captured all over the world.

The Moon looks spectacular in these shots from New York, London and Dorset.

Some of the best shots are taken when the Moon first rises or is just setting as that's when it's closest to the horizon.

The Moon near Brooklyn Bridge in New York
The Moon near Brooklyn Bridge in New YorkCredit: Getty
The Hunter's Moon can have a reddish hue when it rises
The Hunter's Moon can have a reddish hue when it risesCredit: Getty
The Hunter's Moon looking less red in London
The Hunter's Moon looking less red in LondonCredit: pixel8000

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