Shoal me love! Hundreds of fish form a heart shape in stunning drone footage

 This is the moment hundreds of fish formed a swirling heart shape in the ocean off Palm Beach County, Florida

The group of crevalle jack swam in formation before dispersing in the glistening turquoise water.

The stunning aerial footage was captured by restaurant owner Paul Dabill, 47, from Jupiter, Florida.Dabill captured the aquatic display while flying his DJI Mavic Air 2 drone off Juno Beach. 

He later said: 'I was looking for mullet, this time of year is the fall mullet migration.

'There were no mullet at the beach this day however I found the school of jack crevalles instead.

The group of crevalle jack glisten in the stunning clear sea as they form a perfect love heart

The group of crevalle jack glisten in the stunning clear sea as they form a perfect love heart flocked to Huntington Beach... operation stops trainee vet's beloved...

What are crevalle jack? 

 The crevalle jack (Caranx hippos) are a popular sport fishing species.

They are distinguished by their flat, long silvery bodies and sometimes have yellowish fins.

Their bodies also usually have black or dark gray spots.

While they are known to travel in fast-moving schools to corner and corral smaller fish, the perfect heart shape appears to be a unique one-off.

Fishermen often refer to fast-moving groups of crevalle jack as 'daisy-chaining'.

'I immediately recognized the heart shape of the school when I first saw it.

'It maintained that shape for several seconds before morphing into other shapes.

'It was a special and beautiful moment before it continued morphing into other amazing shapes.'

The video was taken on October 5 and Dabill posted it to his Facebook photography page, where viewers were impressed.

'So cool that you captured that daisy chaining crevalle school this time of year as they usually only do that off the SE FL (South East Florida) beaches in early spring,' user Ray Jimenez wrote. 

Mike McCullah also commented 'That's amazing!'. 

In his post Dabill mentioned seeing tarpon and glass minnows in the area as well.

The restaurant owner has also captured stunning aerial views of a manta ray, shark and other creatures with his drone.

'Oh you are so lucky again Paul, you must attract all the big creatures,' user Sandy Loper commented on another video. 

Fish move through sea in the shape of a perfect love heart
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