There’s a deadly python hiding somewhere in this picture – can YOU find it?

 A DEADLY python has hidden itself perfectly in the trees, making it almost impossible to see – but can you find it?

The perplexing snap has left Facebook users baffled as it appears to be invisible.

Can you spot where the snake is hiding?
Can you spot where the snake is hiding?Credit: Jam Press

The image was shared by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a professional snake-catching service in Queensland, Australia.

Challenging fans on social media to the weekly game of ‘Spot the Snake Sunday’, a team member said: “Happy Sunday Snake Spotters! Did you think we would leave you after a busy week without a spot the snake...

“Find our healthy friend in this awesome release spot and tell us the species. Hint: This one loves to climb!”

Dozens of people took a crack at locating the serpent, but the task proved virtually impossible for some.One person said: “OK they camouflage so nicely I could never find them.”

“I bet there’s more than one in there,” guessed another viewer.

Someone else commented: “Good job I live in England I can’t find it. I wouldn’t last long in your country.”

“I couldn’t even enjoy a visit there, my spider and snake phobias are real,” agreed another person.

Another terrified user added: “I’m never going bush again.”

Try looking a little bit closer
Try looking a little bit closerCredit: Jam Press
For those still struggling
For those still strugglingCredit: Jam Press

The team finally shared the location of the hidden beast – slithering up a tree branch in the middle of the picture.

It was identified as a coastal carpet python – a large snake common in the area.

The reptile was later released back into the wild.

In June social media users struggled to spot a leopard hiding in the Aravali Hills in Jaipur, in the western Rajasthan state in India.

And in February, people were left baffled after being unable to spot a seven-foot python sizing up its prey on a family's porch.

The serpent looked ready to pounce while a terrified possum was curled up in a corner.

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