Nan mortified after realising that there’s a VERY rude pattern on her favourite scarf

 A NAN  was left mortified after discovering that her favourite scarf was covered in a very rude pattern.

A snap of the offending shawl was shared on Reddit where it left fellow users in stitches over her innocent mistake.

A nan was left mortified after realising that her favourite scarf has a very rude pattern
A nan was left mortified after realising that her favourite scarf has a very rude patternCredit: Reddit

The pensioner was spotted wearing the very cheeky item of clothing to church, completely unaware of her faux pas until it was spotted by a fellow churchgoer.

At a glance you would be forgiven for mistaking the ornate green pattern for some flora or fauna, but look closer and you’ll be in for a shock.

The nan’s pretty pink scarf is actually covered with rather detailed illustrations of green penises.

The snap has left Redditors in hysterics, with many left feeling sorry for the innocent-minded old lady.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Who let her wear that? Poor Grandma!”

“Maybe..... maybe she thinks it's cucumbers,” said another.A third added: “ I want the follow-up pic of her face when her granddaughter tells her back at home that she was covered in penises at church.”

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