Reputed Antifa Members Assault Protesters Outside Spa Where Transgender Exposed Penis In Women-Only Section

 On Saturday, people identifying as members of Antifa attacked protesters who were demonstrating against a Los Angeles spa which made national news after a female customer berated them for letting a biological man who was nude into the all women’s section.

The Antifa group reportedly assaulted a videographer, attacked a female protester, and attacked a group of Christian street preachers, including hitting one in the face with a skateboard.

Prior to the event, on Thursday, one Antifa group exhorted its audience to “stand up for our trans siblings,” adding, “recently, a trans woman was harassed by a bigoted customer while at an LA spa. The angry patron intimidated her, misgendered her, and made her feel unsafe for simply existing. This person then took a video harassing spa staff, yelling horrible transphobic things, which has gone viral in right-wing circles. Now, transphobic conservatives are planning to protest against WiSpa for simply serving transgender folks without discrimination. Our trans siblings need us now more than ever to stand up for their right to safe spaces.”

In the viral video from the initial incident, an outraged woman lambasted Wi Spa after a nude man identifying as a woman entered the women’s section, where women and young girls are permitted to be nude, blasting, “What sexual orientation? I see a d***!”

In the video, the irate woman addresses an employee at what appears to be the front desk of Wi Spa. She states, “So it’s okay — I just want to be clear with you — it’s okay, it’s okay for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls under age? Your spa, Wi Spa, condoned that. Is that what you’re saying?”

After the employee’s response, the woman continues, “Like I asked. So he can stay there? He could stay there?”

In response, the employee refers to “sexual orientation,” prompting the angry woman to reply bluntly, “What sexual orientation? I see a d***! It lets me know he’s a man. He’s a man. He is a man. He is not no female. He is not a female. He is not a female. He is not a female, sweetie.”

“Girls down there, other women who are highly offended for what they just saw,” she points out. “And you did nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, you sided with him. So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section, is that what you’re saying?”

The employee apparently refers to a law dealing with such a scenario, triggering the customer to respond, “Really? What law? So women can go into the men’s with their breasts? Okay.”

Another irate woman can be heard saying, “We’re not going to come back,” prompting the angry woman to reply, “Yeah, you should. I wouldn’t come back either. Yeah, get your money back.” She continues, “You got a man with his penis, talkin’ about he’s a woman. He ain’t no woman, Uh-uh. Give her her money back.”

At this point, a man apparently defending the right of the other biological male to be in the women’s spa interjects, “You’re talking about that transgender person?”

The woman rejects his premise, snapping, “He has a d***, okay? He has a penis. His penis is hanging out.”

The man says, “You’re being a d***.”

“No, I’m not one,” the woman fires back. “Actually I’m a woman who knows how to stand up and speak up for my rights. As a woman, I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself.”

After addressing someone else who apparently tells her to leave, saying, “No. You go somewhere else,” she turns back to the man: “No, he’s not a transgender. He has a penis, just like you do. … That’s traumatizing, to see that. I think this is a place right here, I’m told, only for women. So how dare you sit up here and tell me I don’t have a right as a woman —”

The man presses, “Even though I’m asking you as a transgender —”

“I’m telling you he has a penis. And testicles,” the woman asserts. “And you’re out there — what is a man? You got one? You’re a man, okay?”

She states, “But for me and for a lot of other women, they do not feel comfortable. And it’s not okay.”

The man says, “I’m sorry you saw this.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re sorry. You should be, sweetie,” she fires back. “You’re out of alignment. And this is not right. I can tell you that much.” As the man walks away, she calls after him, “It must be hard. It must be hard not being a real man, huh? Try it.”

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