Did it land on its feet? Daft cat topples off stair rail as it chases its own TAIL

  • Clip begins with cat precariously balanced atop a railing in Victoria, Australia 
  • His owner captures the playful predator lining up a shot at his own fluffy tail 
  • For more than a minute, the 'chatty' cat rocks back and forth and attacks himself This is the moment a playful predator almost lost one of its nine lives while chasing his own tail.

    Balancing precariously atop a bannister in its owners house in Reservoir, Victoria in Australia, the male cat chases itself for more than a minute.

    The clip begins with the fluffy feline managing to keep its balance like an expert high wire artist.Rocking back and forth, he spots something moving out of the corner of his eye and starts trying to claw at his tail. The cat uses its powerful hind legs to grip onto the bannister while putting on a good show for the camera and prompting laughs from his owner.

    The classic chase continues for a minute and 20 seconds, before disaster strikes. 

    He leans through and desperately scratches at his own tail
    Poking his paw through the railing

    Eyes on the prize: He leans through and desperately scratches at his own tail by poking his paw through the railings

    He makes a final lunge
    But starts to slip

    But as he makes a final lunge, he start to slip, culminating in a shocked gasp from his owner, and a loud thump below

    As he makes a final lunge for his fluffy prize he starts to slip off, culminating in a shocked gasp from onlookers, and a loud thump below.

    Thankfully, the owner avoided a cat-astrophe and the playful predator escaped with his nine lives intact. 

    Commenting on the clip from Tuesday July, 6, his owner said: 'Our cat was very chatty so I walked out of the bedroom and found him balancing on the railing attacking his tail. 

    'I found it too funny not to record, so lo and behold, a minute and 27 seconds of cat stupidity.'According to experts, cats can chase their tails for a number of reasons.

    In kittens and younger felines, tail-chasing is seen as a playful pastime and a natural reflex for predators to chase small moving things.

    Adult cats on the other hand may be chasing their tail out of boredom, and there are some concerns that this could become a damaging compulsive behaviour in the long term.

    Some experts say that having a regular routine and providing a cat more attention can be a useful way of stopping tail-chasing. 

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