Airbnb hosts are shocked to find guests 'ordered bags of crystal meth' to their holiday home

  • Alleged drugs were sent to rental property in Prestwick, East Ayrshire, Scotland 
  • Anonymous Scottish owners called the police after the find gave them a 'fright' 
  • Guests allegedly left stains and white powder in property and a 'pungent' smell Airbnb hosts have been left stunned after their guests allegedly ordered bags of 'crystal meth' to their rental property. 

    The Scottish hosts phoned in police after discovering the suspicious substance in a package sent to the holiday home in Prestwick, East Ayrshire. 

    Photos shared online show two small plastic bags filled with a white crystalised substance and the shiny black plastic envelope they arrived in. 

    The owners, who have remained anonymous, claimed the drugs were destined for two guests who rented the property from June 21 to 26 - but that they arrived after they checked out. 

    While Airbnb reportedly said it was investigating the case, one of the owners said 'police can't do anything' because the holidaymaker 'has not handled it [the drugs] in any way'.    

    In a post online the host said: 'Well it's confirmed by police that this is a controlled drug.

    The shocking find was discovered by Airbnb hosts in picturesque East Ayrshire, in Scotland

    The shocking find was discovered by Airbnb hosts in picturesque East Ayrshire, in Scotland 

    The white crystalised substance sent to the home is believed to have been crystal meth
    The guests allegedly told the hosts they were expecting a camera SD card to be delivered - but it never arrived during their stay in late June

    The two bags of 'crystal meth' (left) came to the Prestwick property in a shiny black envelope (right), claimed the Airbnb hosts in an online post 

    'It was sent to our address for a guest who left before it arrived.

    'The police can't do anything because he has not handled it in any way. I wanted it off the streets and disposed of properly.'

    The visitors had allegedly told the hosts that they were getting an SD card delivered to the property during their stay.

    The pair then checked out on Saturday, June 26, but their package still hadn't arrived.

    When the hosts went to clean the property they were shocked to find white powder and stains across the sofa as well as a pungent smell in the living room that lurked for weeks afterwards.The owners said a small package came in the post, which they opened to discover small bags filled with white powder they believed to be crystal meth.

    The package was then reported to police who allegedly believe it to be a 'controlled drug.'

    One of the anonymous owners said today: 'We think it's crystal meth, we asked an expert friend and the Police said it's likely to be a controlled drug.

    'The drugs were delivered at lunchtime on Saturday [June 26] after they had left.

    'The guest came to us on the Wednesday saying they had sent an SD card to this address and we let him know that this wasn't usually allowed.

    'Two bags of a white substance were sent to our home, the address and his name was typed rather than written.

    'He said it was going to be a camera SD card, we opened it along with lots of mail not realising.

    'The situation gave us a fright, the police are not investigating because he did not handle the drugs so he just needs to deny it.

    The owners claimed in an online post that police told them the packages delivered to their property contained a 'controlled substance'

    The owners claimed in an online post that police told them the packages delivered to their property contained a 'controlled substance' 

    Airbnb reportedly told the hosts to contact police if they felt their safety was at risk after discovering 'crystal meth' had been sent to their rental property
    The rental portal also reportedly encouraged the guests to pursue extra charges for the guest if there was any damage caused

    In a screenshot alleged to be from Airbnb, the company says it is investigating the guest's account

    'But they have made a note of his name against it if something similar comes up again.

    'The police didn't put the drug through a lab but made some sort of presumptive test they called it.'

    They continued: 'There were stains on the sofa where they did not use the bedding on the sofa bed.

    'He did try to tidy up but it took more than a week to get rid of the smell and we will need to repaint.

    'We also had to find alternative accommodation for the next guest. It was mainly the smell ingrained in all the fabrics and upholstery.

    'The smell was more than pot, it was chemically and heavy and there was white powder left around the living room.'

    'I complained to Airbnb who said I could claim for cleaning and they would 'review' his account.

    'He has since messaged to apologise so they must have said something to him, but I haven't replied.'

    Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.  

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