‘That’s How You Put A**es In Seats’: Dave Portnoy Applauds Fox Host Who Called Him A ‘Little B****’


Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, praised Fox Business host Charles Payne for calling Portnoy a “little b****” during a live interview.

Payne and Portnoy’s exchange on Fox Business made headlines Thursday after Payne called Portnoy a “little b****” during a discussion about Portnoy’s stock trading. Portnoy later praised Payne for putting “a**es in seats” with the vulgar jab, brushing off attempts from Fox representatives to apologize.“I have our pr people and Fox show being like ‘so sorry’ blah blah blah. I loved it. That’s how you put asses in the seats @cvpayne you little b****,” Portnoy tweeted.

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