Loudon County Ends School Meeting After Pushback From Parents, Parents Sing Star Bangled Banner, Cops Make Arrests


Virginia’s Loudoun County School Board shut down the public’s comment period on Tuesday night after tensions escalated amid strong opposition to the board’s far-left proposed policies.

Fox News reported:The policies affect transgender student rights, privacy and restroom accommodations and would require Loudoun County Public Schools employees to use students’ preferred names or pronouns. An official school board vote on the proposal is not expected until at least Aug. 10. But it has become a hot-button issue in the district, where 259 residents signed up to speak during the public comment session Tuesday and people lined up at the doors early to get seats in the packed auditorium.

Fox News reported that the tensions escalated when an anti-Christian bigot took a swipe at Christians in the room by saying that “hate” was “dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room.”

Controversial board chair Brenda Sheridan said that members voted unanimously to end public comment if the room became too excitable again.Fox News continued:

Multiple parents asked the district to drop its appeal of a court order to reinstate teacher Tanner Cross, who was suspended after speaking out publicly against the proposal. They argued that fighting the judge is a waste of taxpayers’ money and doomed to fail. Another woman urged several board members, facing a recall effort, to resign and save taxpayers even more money. Others blasted a district official who allegedly made threatening Internet searches on a district smartphone.

Then former state Sen. Dick Black shredded the school board in a passionate speech about their treatment of Tanner Cross and allegations that the far-left school board had organized a list targeting opponents of Critical Race Theory.

Black said:

I’m retired Senator Dick Black of Ashburn, Virginia. You retaliated against Tanner Cross by yanking him from teaching for addressing a public hearing of this board. The judge ordered you to reinstate Mr. Cross, because if his comments were not protected speech, then free speech does not exist at all. It’s absurd and immoral for teachers to call boys ‘girls’ and girls ‘boys’. You’re making teachers lie to students. And even kids know that it’s wrong. This board has a dark history of suppressing free speech. They caught you red handed with an enemies list to punish opponents of Critical Race Theory. You’re teaching children to hate others because of their skin color. And you’re forcing them to lie about other kids’ gender. I am disgusted by your bigotry and your depravity [inaudible]…

The room erupted in cheers at which point the far-left school board ended the public’s ability to comment.

“The LCPS shut down the public input after the audience erupted in applause at the end of my speech,” Black added on Twitter. “Hundreds of parents continued to rally for hours to send the message that these CRT policies are racist. Parents and teachers, stand up for your children now.”

A large number of parents began singing the Star Spangled Banner before law enforcement forced parents to leave.

Police arrested at least two parents, including tackling one to the ground, who refused to leave the public space because they wanted to continue standing up for the children.

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