Giant Manhunt Underway For Man Who Shot Cop In The Head


Roughly 500 police officers are conducting a manhunt for a man who shot a Florida cop in the head after the cop, conducting a “proactive patrol,” asked him, “How’s it going? Do you live here?”

The 26-year-old officer, who is in critical condition at Halifax Health Medical Center following surgery, according to the Daytona Beach Police Department, approached a 2016 Honda with California tags late Wednesday night, where he encountered Othal Wallace, 29, as The New York Post reported.Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young told reporters:

Tonight, at approximately 8:52 p.m., one of my officers — I’m not going to release his name at this point in time — was conducting a proactive patrol behind 133 Kingston Avenue. Upon arrival he contacted a coward that was sitting inside of a 2016 Honda vehicle with a California tag on it. And as he was escorting him out of the car, at some point the suspect turns and shoots my officer one time in the head. The officer is currently at Halifax Hospital in grave condition. I have over 500 officers that have responded into the area; this entire county is on lockdown until we track this coward down.

So I’m grateful for every agency that’s responded over here tonight to help us because they’re committed to staying out here until we get this coward in custody. … Again, it’s a full-out manhunt; there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. I will go ahead and give you his information; you should already have it. Some of it’s also been blasted out via social media, but the suspect’s name is Othal Wallace.

Asked if he thought Wallace was still in the area, Young replied, “We don’t know; we know that he hit on some technology earlier over in the Deltona area. I can tell you that much and that’s the reason why the entire county is on lockdown right now.”

The New York Post outlined what could be seen in video of the incident:

A 29-second clip from the officer’s bodycam shows him approaching Wallace while the suspect is sitting in a gray Honda sedan in a parking lot. “How’s it going?” the officer asks. “Do you live here?” Wallace stands up, but the cop tells him to sit down, which he refuses, the clip shows. “Sir, come on now, come on now, don’t do this,” Wallace replies. “Why you asking me if I live here? What’s going on, though?” A struggle ensues, a gunshot can be heard and the wounded officer falls to the ground.

“When other officers arrived, they found the officer, who has been with the department for three years, shot on the ground,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, adding, “Atlanta police are on the lookout for an ‘armed and dangerous’ man. … The vehicle has California plates with tag number 7TNX532, according to multiple news outlets.

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