Bills Receiver Isn’t Backing Down After Ripping NFL’s COVID-19 Protocols: ‘Something Needed To Be Said’


Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley is not backing down from anything he said regarding COVID-19 vaccines and the NFL’s unequal protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated players.

Beasley, a nine-year veteran of the NFL, made headlines last week when he slammed the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols which differ based on whether a player has received the COVID-19 vaccine or not.“I said all I needed to say. I’m just living a normal life from here on out,” Beasley told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m not trying to sway anybody in either direction. That’s what I am doing and that’s the end of it.”

“I don’t want to be any more of a distraction to my team so that’s where I’m leaving it,” he said continued. “Something needed to be said, so I said it. I don’t regret any of it. That’s how I feel.”

The NFL released its COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason earlier this month. While vaccinated players are essentially free to do as they please, the protocols create heavy restrictions for those players who choose not to receive the vaccine. For example, unvaccinated players must wear masks, social distance, and are not allowed to perform any activities for sponsors.

Earlier this week, Beasley reiterated his opposition to the NFL’s protocols and said that many less established players felt the same way he did. He said he was speaking up for those players because nobody else was going to. As The Daily Wire reported:

Beasley noted in a lengthy Twitter message that many other less-established players feel the same way he does, but do not feel they are in a position to make a public challenge. “I feel for you, and I hope I’m doing my part to represent you guys,” he said.

“Hi, I’m Cole Beasley and I’m not vaccinated!” Beasley started the post, published Friday. “I will be outside doing what I do. I’ll be in the public. If [you’re] scared of me then steer clear, or get vaccinated. Point. Blank. Period.”

“I may die of covid, but I’d rather die actually living,” he continued the post, adding, “I’d rather take my chances with Covid and build up my immunity that way. Eat better. Drink water. Exercise and do what I think is necessary to be a healthy individual. That is MY CHOICE based on MY experiences and what I think is best.”

“I’ll play for free this year to live life how I’ve lived it from day one,” Beasley said. “If I’m forced into retirement, so be it.”

“My way of living and my values and [sic] more important to me than a dollar,” he said.

“A lot of other NFL players hold my position as well, but aren’t in the right place in their careers to be so outspoken,” the 32-year-old closed the post. “I feel for you, and I hope I’m doing my part to represent you guys.”

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