Woman drinker is caught on camera calling Birmingham bouncer the n-word and spitting at him in shocking racist rant

  • A video of woman launching racist rant at bouncer in Birmingham has gone viral
  • The woman was refused entry to a bar by the doorman in the city on Saturday
  • She tries to shout her friend before being directed away by bouncer Tristan Price
  • Woman then filmed calling Mr Price 'black c***' and 'f****** n*****' before spitting
  • West Midlands Police confirm they are investigating 'awful incident' as 'priority'
  • Do you know who this woman is? Get in touch at katie.feehan@mailonline.co.uk A woman has been caught on film calling a bouncer a 'n*****' and spitting at him in front of shocked onlookers in an outrageous racist outburst in Birmingham.

    The woman was refused entry to the Figure of Eight pub in the city centre on Saturday night and was then filmed launching a horrific rant at black bouncer Tristan Price who was working on the door.

    The video, which was shared widely on social media, shows the woman arguing with Mr Price and trying to shout at one of her friends inside the venue.A video of a woman hurling racist abuse at a bouncer in Birmingham City Centre has gone viral

    A video of a woman hurling racist abuse at a bouncer in Birmingham City Centre has gone viral

    The woman was refused entry to bar before launching her tirade in front of shocked onlookers

    The woman was refused entry to bar before launching her tirade in front of shocked onlookers

    When she is refused entry by the bouncer, who appears to remain calm in the video, she then shoves the bouncer before calling him a 'black c***'.Mr Price published it with a post that read: 'I haven't been doing security for years like some, but in the short time I've been doing it I've seen and been through pretty much anything there is to see and go through whilst doing the job.

    'This however, is something I, or anyone who looks like me shouldn't have to go through.

    'There was a time I'd go through things like this and brush it under the carpet but them times are over.'

    Tristan Price
    Tristan Price

    Bouncer Tristan Price shared video on social media which has been viewed 1.7 million times

    The video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on the original Instagram post alone, was met with outrage online with users slamming the woman's vile behaviour.

    One user wrote: 'Disgraceful human being. Well done to the security guard for remaining so calm and professional.'

    Another added: 'She's clearly intoxicated but that's no excuse for such vile abuse. Spitting as well? Think that's classed as assault - doesn't look too good for her future.'

    One user wrote: 'This makes me sick. To think anyone acts like that is beyond me. Absolute disgrace.'

    Others criticised the bystanders for not standing up for the bouncer.

    One wrote: 'Mad not one person stepped in! Just as disgusting as what she did. You didn't deserve that s*** man.'

    Another wrote: 'Nobody said anything to that girl that's disgusting.'

    A profile believed to belong to the woman claimed that she works for Worcester Bosch prompting internet users to question the company over the incident. 

    In response, Worcester Bosch released a statement regarding the video, stating that they would investigate the incident.

    The company has since confirmed the woman in question who has been linked to the video never worked directly for Worcester Bosch.

    The statement read: 'Contrary to social media posts concerning a racist incident, we can confirm the person in question was never directly employed by Worcester Bosch but via our cleaning contractor.

    'The contractors have confirmed that she was dismissed by them on May 17, 2018.

    'Our thoughts are with the victim of this hurtful and very public attack.

    'We are truly saddened at the social media attack directed unfairly at our brand. We can confirm we have zero tolerance for racist behaviour, both within and outside of the workplace.'

    The company urged anyone who had linked the woman to the company share their updated statement. 

    Birmingham Police Chief Inspector James Spencer said: 'We're aware of video showing a woman directing racist abuse at a member of door staff in Broad Street over the weekend.

    'It's been crimed as a racially aggravated harassment offence and we are investigating.

    'It's an awful incident and people are understandably disgusted. We are prioritising the investigation.

    'Our city centre police teams have been working hard with local businesses to make the city a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

    'Racist behaviour is completely unacceptable and we are taking this report very seriously.'

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