Which star sign are YOU most compatible with? Astrologer reveals the best-suited zodiac matches including 'creative' Taurus and Cancer or Virgo and Gemini who share 'logical minds'

  • Astrologer Sasha Fenton has revealed the star signs you're most compatible with
  • Breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of all the different combinations
  • The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness is out next month An astrologer has revealed the most compatible star sign pairings in a fascinating new book. 

    UK-based Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness, published next month, which offers an introduction to the 12 star signs and the ways they interact with each other.

    She also delves into the personality traits most closely associated with each sign, and the way these might shape or impact the relationships in your life, whether that is with a colleague, lover, spouse, or friend.

    Here, in an extract shared exclusively with FEMAIL, Sasha takes a closer look at how each star sign interacts with the others, giving her verdict on the 'winning combinations' - and the ones best avoided. 

    Written in the stars? UK-based Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness, published next month, which offers an introduction to the 12 star signs and the ways they interact with each other. Stock image

    Written in the stars? UK-based Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness, published next month, which offers an introduction to the 12 star signs and the ways they interact with each other. Stock image

    Aries (March 20 – April 19) 


    It is easy for Arians to become friends with fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All three are extrovert, proud and competitive. However, the similarities that make you good friends mitigate against happy marriage.

    As regards feminine earth signs, Taurus might fit the bill if you need a practical partner, but nervous, nit-picking Virgo would drive you crazy. Determined, critical Capricorn shares your cardinal quality: you both like to get your own way.Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – are least compatible with you due to their intuitive nature. You won’t understand their approach to life or what they want from you.

    Your best choice is an air sign. Although these are masculine, extrovert signs, their extroversion is less obvious than that of fire signs, so competition between you would be less.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Aries with Gemini and Leo

    Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


    Same-sign connections work well; many Taureans marry and live happily ever after. As regards another earth sign, a Virgoan could work, if they are not too restless; your shared interest in sensual sex would help. Capricorn could be a match, but might need too much attention.

    Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness

    Sasha Fenton is the author of The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness

    You get on well with air signs, especially Libra; you could create a lovely home together. Gemini’s practical, money-minded approach could work well, while the Aquarian irresponsibility with money would be intolerable.

    Of the fire signs – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius – Leo might work, as you are both loving, loyal and attached to family. Aries are too interested in themselves to help you, while the Sagittarian need for freedom clashes with yours for security.

    Water signs are a good choice, especially Cancer, who shares your interest in tradition and creative pursuits; Cancer’s impulsiveness balances your preference for doing things thoroughly. Scorpio can be friendly and loving, if you both avoid obstinacy; you can allow their moods to pass without rising to the bait. Although Piscean impracticality may irritate you, shared interests in music, art and home-making give you plenty in common.

    You are lucky – there are so many signs with whom you could be happy.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Taurus with Scorpio and Cancer

    Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


    You need a lot of emotional support, hard to come by from another Gemini. Either of the other air signs, Libra or Aquarius, make a better match, though the Libran must be laid-back and the Aquarian not too detached.

    You could make a successful connection with a fire sign as they make you laugh. Aries and Leo can go out and earn a good living, releasing you from your fear of being without money.

    Sagittarius might be too unsettled for you, but you would enjoy travelling together.

    Either Taurus or Capricorn, both earth signs, are reliable, practical and share your need for status: a large home with an income to match. The other earth sign, Virgo, has a similarly flexible attitude to life, but you are both born worriers.

    Water signs are difficult for you. Cancer might just be feasible as this sign loves family life, but their moodiness would get you down. Pisceans are happiest living a chaotic lifestyle opposite to your methodical approach. You could be friends with a Scorpio as you share a sense of humour, but they would lose patience with you.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Gemini with Aries and Libra

    Perfect match: Sasha reveals your most compatible star sign in her new book. Stock image

    Perfect match: Sasha reveals your most compatible star sign in her new book. Stock image

    Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


    A relationship with another Cancerian works if you take turns with your moods and manipulative behaviour. Neither of you would come right out and ask for anything you need – but intuition might come to your rescue. Of the other water signs, Pisceans need lots of attention; fortunately, you love to do this. Scorpio likes to behave deviously, but you will see through it.

    You are drawn to fire signs – it is an attraction of opposites. There are an amazing number of successful Cancer-Aries marriages, particularly when the Cancerian is female, as childlike Aries and motherly Cancer fit well. Other fire signs make great friends, but Leo won’t be told what to do and Sagittarius can’t be smothered, so marriage isn’t an option.

    The air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – don’t understand you. They operate from a level of logic at odds with your intuitive nature. On the other hand, Libra loves to settle down and make a nice home. Of the earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus fit well and Capricorn shares your interest in business. Virgo, however, can’t cope with your emotions. These three rely on you to make them feel safe and loved.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Cancer with Taurus and Pisces

    Leo (July 23 – August 22)


    You find all the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – great as friends but of these, fellow Leos are the easiest to live with. Arians can be too inclined to want their own way, though Sagittarians are less confrontational.

    Earth signs could make a good match, though Capricornians could be too involved in their careers to be real companions. Taurus and Virgo are both humorous and sensible, but you could lose patience with a neurotic Virgoan. You’ll find the stability you crave with a Taurean.

    Air signs are good partners, especially Libra who shares your desire for a comfortable lifestyle. Air signs share your strong sex drive and stop you getting bored, but you could find Gemini too self-obsessed. All air signs need generous partners, so make sure you are in a high income bracket!

    The only water sign that works for you is Scorpio as, like you, it belongs to the fixed quality, so you can find the constancy you need. Neither Cancerians nor Pisceans think or act the way you do. Cancerians may be too emotional, but you do share a love for family life and may have mutual business interests.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Leo with Aquarius and Scorpio 

    Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


    You can happily link up with your own sign, enjoying each other’s quick minds and humour. You can be as interested in business as a Capricornian and as keen for security as a Taurean, but might find their inflexible attitudes hard to take.

    The air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – could work well due to the logical way in which your minds work. Gemini’s inclination to worry could be too close to yours for comfort. Librans can be unpredictable, and your sign is too sensitive to deal with this. Aquarius’s incisive but intuitive intellect could complement your meticulous approach.

    Fire signs frighten you! Arians can seem like brutes. Leos make good friends but, in a marriage, could make you feel shoved out of the way. Sagittarians deal with difficult times by finding humour in them, though you need more emotional support than they can offer.

    Water signs – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer – operate on a level of emotion that is hard for you to comprehend. However, there is often a reasonable connection with Pisces, if they are the fairly organized type. Scorpio could be a match, as you both love to make and save money. Cancer would be less positive, as you might not want to indulge in mother-and-child role-playing.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Virgo with Sagittarius and Gemini

    Friendship... or something more? Astrologer Sasha Fenton reveals what you need to know

    Friendship... or something more? Astrologer Sasha Fenton reveals what you need to know

    Libra (September 23 – October 22)


    Although you love being in a partnership, your independence can lead to a lack of ability to commit. You could make a good match with another Libran who shares your free spirit. As regards the other two air signs, if you are a super-logical Libran a relationship with an Aquarian might work, but a typical Gemini neurotic would get you down.

    Water signs are not a great match. While you could share creative interests with Pisces, you would find some too woollyminded to live with. You could have a good friendship with Scorpio or Cancer, but living with those emotional signs wouldn’t work. The earth signs are quite a good choice. Taurus shares many of your interests and there would be an excellent sexual connection, though you both have a strange attitude to money. Virgo might work well because they share your love of abstract ideas. Capricorn is a cardinal sign like your own, so there might be a battle for supremacy.

    The fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – generate an electric spark. The best would be Aries, as you would both enjoy your many fights! Leos are too obstinate and fond of their own way, but Sagittarius could be flexible enough to cope with your mercurial moods.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Libra with Gemini and Aries 

    Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


    The water signs – Cancer, Pisces and your own – are easy for you to live with as their emotional approach to life is like your own. The air signs don’t operate in the way that you do, but you might want someone different from yourself. Aquarius is a fixed sign like you, so you’re both reliable, though Aquarian impracticality might get on your nerves. Gemini’s light touch could help you through attacks of the blues, but Libra’s apparent softness, allied to a desire to get their own way, could confuse you.

    Earth signs shouldn’t present any problem. Taureans share your fixed purpose and need for security. Capricornians are ambitious, but you don’t mind as long as they reciprocate in areas that matter to you. You share a sense of humour with Virgo, but your tendency to sulk would cause them to shut off.

    Although fire signs attract you, the only one that works is Leo. Both are obstinate, both need to feel secure, and neither will walk out unless a relationship becomes impossible. Marriage with Aries would turn into a power struggle. As for Sagittarius, it’s hard to see what would attract you in the first place.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Scorpio with Leo and Capricorn

    Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


    You find it easy to get on with your own sign, as you give each other space. The other fire signs of Leo and Aries would also be good matches as you would fit in easily with their ambitions. Although Leo might not share your sense of humour, you both love the good things in life. Aries and you are both spontaneous, and you would stand up for yourself.

    Air signs would make a match, as you could share intellectual ideas, although Librans can be confusing. Geminis are similar to you, except you love travel more than they. Aquarians have as many off-the-wall interests as you, and as long as these were similar, you’d get on well. Earth signs are too rooted for you, although Virgo could be a good intellectual match. Taurus wants to know that each day is going to be like another: diametrically opposed to what you want. Capricorn is ambitious, and you could happily spend their money!

    Water signs puzzle you but there could be a connection with Pisceans, who need space as much as you do. However, you couldn’t tolerate Cancer or Scorpio’s attempts to dominate by manipulation.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Sagittarius with Virgo and Gemini

    Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)


    You could find a successful relationship among earth signs, especially another Capricorn who would share your tact and encourage your work aspirations, though this could lead to boredom. Taurus would be a good match, as their artistic talents would lift your spirits. Virgoans are bright and humorous, but, like you, can be fussy.

    A water sign partner would be better, as their emotional approach would balance your practicality. A Cancerian would share your interest in business and might have that touch of charisma that you lack. Scorpio could be an excellent choice, as you can tune out their demands while enjoying their warmth, sexuality and humour. Pisceans are very different, being artistic and perceptive, but this could be the thing that keeps your attraction fresh. 

    Air signs are not a bad combination, though clashes would occur if you tried to make a life with a Libran. Gemini shares your tendency to worry so you would understand each other’s feelings. You share with Aquarius an eye for detail; you would have to be the major money earner, though.

    The impatience of fire signs would get you down. A Leo might be possible but an Arian would fight for their own way, while a Sagittarian wouldn’t want to settle down.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Capricorn with Scorpio and Taurus

    Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)


    Marriages between Aquarians work well, as you tend to have the same interests, along with your generosity and sense of humour. Either fellow air sign of Gemini and Libra could be a good match: Gemini would supply an interesting social life. Librans want their own way, which might lead you to behave obstinately.

    Water signs attract you but also irritate you intensely, especially Pisces, whose mind doesn’t work in any way you can relate to. Cancer wouldn’t understand your need for independence, but Scorpio can work because your signs share intellectual curiosity.

    Of the earth signs, Taureans need to keep everything under control – including you. A Virgoan’s intellect could appeal, and their business-like attitude would complement your intuitive approach. Capricorn would be a good match as you could teach them to lighten up, while they would supply some practicality you lack.

    Fire signs could work, especially Sagittarius, whose intellect and energy fascinate and inspire you. Leo’s materialism might get you down. Your supportiveness may be just what Aries needs to counteract their occasional loss of confidence. An Arian, who may be impulsive, would defer to your logic and intelligence.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Aquarius with Leo and Sagittarius

    Pisces (February 20 – March 19)


    You need to be loved, supported and cared for. Two Pisceans can create a marriage either made in heaven or hell! If you are both stable, you can get along well, as Pisces is a sexy, humorous sign. Either of the other water signs of Cancer and Scorpio would understand you. Both can be moody… but so can you.

    You won’t find much support among fire signs, except perhaps Leo. You can form wonderful friendships with Sagittarians if you don’t expect them to run around after you. Arians can be great colleagues, but their self-centred attitude would get you down.

    Air signs’ approach to life is so different from yours. Aquarians share your interests but a lifelong relationship with this cool, logical sign probably wouldn’t work. Gemini is a mutable sign like yours, so can adapt to circumstances. Libra is a good choice as you share a strong imagination and love of creative pursuits.

    Earth signs could provide stability without manipulating or smothering you. Taurean creativity would fit well with your ability to create a lovely home. Capricornians can be fun and are stable and reliable. Virgo would stimulate your mind; they might find you bossy, but probably won’t mind too much.

    WINNING COMBINATIONS: Pisces with Sagittarius and Scorpio


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