WATCH: CNN Ends Bizarre Interview After Hamas Founder’s Son Repeatedly Pleads For Help Reaching His Mother


CNN host Fredricka Whitfield cut off Mosab Hassan Yousef — the son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef — during an interview on Saturday after Mosab Yousef pleaded for help reaching his mother.

The New York Post reported on Saturday that Mosab Yousef went from being groomed to be a leader in Hamas to secretly working for Israeli intelligence after seeing the horrors committed by Hamas. During the interview, Mosab Yousef urged Israel to continue knocking off Hamas leaders for the terrorism they commit and for the suffering they bring on Israelis andPalestiin

Mosab Yousef immediately took control of the interview with CNN, shifting a question from Whitfield about whether Gaza could be rebuilt without Hamas to telling his life story and asking for help in reaching his mother, saying that because of her age she was unlikely to live much longer.

At the end of the interview, CNN cut off Mosab Yousef’s microphone as he tried to talk as Whitfield said: “Mosab Hassan Yousef, it certainly is not too much to ask to be with your mother, to get that hug, to see her.”

“I do hope that that can be facilitated in some way. But I certainly cannot promise that this network can make it happen,” she concluded. “But I do appreciate your time. I’m wishing you the best. Thank you so much.”

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