Watch time pass before your eyes: Google Earth launches new Timelapse tool that lets you explore how the world has changed over the last four decades

  • Google's Timelapse tool will be built into the pre-existing Google Earth platform  
  • Will allow users to see how a part of the world has changed over several decades in detail 
  • No parts of the world are off-limits to the technology which is powered by images from NASA and the EU Google Earth is launching a new feature, called Timelapse, which will allow users to see how a patch of land has transformed over time. 

    The update is being hailed by the tech firm as its biggest update to Google Earth since 2017.

    More than 24 million photographs taken by orbiting satellites and collated by the search giant reveal the rapid change our world has undergone in recent decades. 

    Users will be able to look at real-world evidence of climate change, signs of agricultural expansion, and the sprawling spread of booming urban metropolises

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