Sam Smith Gets Tattoo Of Young Boy In Underwear And Heels Looking In Mirror As Nod To Being ‘Non-Binary’


Singer Sam Smith recently showed off an arm tattoo of a little boy in his underwear and heels staring into a full-length mirror, apparently as a nod to his “non-binary” identity.

“Tattoo artist Miles Langford of London Social Tattoo debuted Smith’s design on Instagram, sharing a photo of the pair posing together as well as a black-and-white close-up of the new ink with the caption, “@samsmith thank you! Swipe to see their new tattoo from @mileslangford,” PEOPLE magazine reported. “The tattoo, located on Smith’s right bicep, depicts a young person standing in front of a mirror in tighty whitey underwear and high heels. First spotted by the New York Post‘s Page Six, the ink seems to be a tribute to the ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ singer’s non-binary gender identity.”While some praised Smith for the tattoo, others criticized the 28-year-old for his inappropriate image choice, and some hit Smith’s message for emphasizing gender stereotypes.

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