'Things I do to cheer you up!' Husband screams in pain as his wife waxes his nose in hilarious footage

  • Russell Sampson and wife Susan were at home in Rugby with a nose waxing kit
  • He starts filming with two waxed applicators sticking out of his nostrils
  • However, he finds removing them is far more painful than inserting themThis is the hilarious moment a husband decided to wax his nose hair - with painful results. 

    Russell Sampson, 40, filmed himself with a waxed stick poking out of each nostril in an effort to amuse his wife Susan.

    His appearance is made more comic by the protective moustache stencil he is wearing to make sure he does not accidentally remove his upper lip hair. 

    At the start of the two-and-a-half minute video, Mr Sampson, a Scot living in Rugby, gets ready to remove one of the sticks.

    As he gives it a slight tug, he realises what he has let himself in for and exclaims:  ‘Oh you f*****!' 

  • Russell Sampson, 40, stuck a pair of wax sticks up his nostrils to amuse his wife Susan

    Mr Sampson tried to remove the waxed sticks but finds it too painful
    Eventually Mr Sampson's wife Fiona reluctantly steps in to pull the wax off

    Mr Sampson tried to remove the waxed sticks but had to his wife to help him in the footage filmed at their home in Rugby

    From off camera, his wife calls out ‘Have you done it?’ and an exasperated Mr Sampson responds with loud ‘nooooo’.

    He makes a second, unsuccessful attempt, grimacing in pain before swearing and declaring: ‘It won’t come out.’

    He pleads with his wife to take over, and Susan reluctantly agrees.His wife leans over and pulls but loses her grip – prompting her husband to releases a cry akin to a bear walking into a large metal trap.

    Mr Sampson leans towards the camera and releases a tirade of curses.

    He then stares down the lens of the camera with tears in his left eye while considering his next action.

    ‘Pull it out I said, Jesus Christ,' he exclaims.

    At one stage he admitted he would happily leave one stuck in his nostril to avoid the pain of removal
    Russell Sampson

    Mr Sampson suffered considerable pain after his wife removed the two wax sticks from his nostrils 

    Increasingly desperate to remove the wax stick, which is not supposed to stay in the nose for longer than two minutes, Mr Sampson grips the bridge of his nose with his right hand and again tries to free it with his left.

    Before tugging, he asks: ‘Whose idea was this?' and his wife reminds him it was his.

    On the second attempt, Mrs Samson manages to free her husband's nostril, leaving him howling in pain.   

    After inspecting the first stick's haul of hair, he says: ‘No wonder it hurt.' 

    With the other stick still stuck fast in his right nostril, he adds: 'I might just live with this one up my nose.’

    As his wife, laughs uncontrollably in the background Mr Sampson looks remorsefully into the camera and says: ‘The things I do to cheer you up.’

    As his wife continues chortling, Mr Sampson looks towards her hoping for sympathy claiming: ‘It’s not funny.’

    As she prepares to remove the second stick, Mrs Sampson counts to three - but rips out the stick at 'two'. 

    After taking a few seconds to recover, Mr Sampson inspects the damage before announcing: ‘I am never doing that again.’ 

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