House Republicans Vote To Keep Liz Cheney In Leadership: Reports


Republicans overwhelmingly voted in favor of keeping GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her leadership position during a conference-wide vote Wednesday evening, according to multiple reports.

The leadership vote, which was reportedly 145-61, affirmed Cheney’s position as the number three Republican in the House, even though she was one of only ten Republican lawmakers to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump last month. The vote was conducted by secret ballot.Politico, citing GOP sources involved in the effort to oust Cheney, reported back in January that at least 107 House Republicans, a narrow majority of the House GOP, were on-board with booting Cheney as the number three Republican in the House.

While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) voiced support for keeping Cheney in leadership, he also suggested the GOP Conference needed to hold discussions amongst themselves about it. After the vote,

 McCarthy told reporters that the discussion allowed members to “air their differences,” according to USA Today reporter Nicholas Wu,Cheney, the highest-ranking Republican to vote to impeach Trump, has since stood by her decision and also refused to apologize for doing so during the meeting, according to NBC News, which cited a source in the room. Cheney also told reporters Wednesday evening, while leaving the meeting, that the conference had a “terrific vote,” and that Republicans wouldn’t be “divided” or allow a situation where “people can pick off any member of leadership,” according to USA Today..

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