Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 1)


Welcome to Education Insanity, a weekly column updating you on the most insane events taking place in our nation’s schools. Here, we’ll delve into the growing presence of critical race theory (CRT), the ideology that claims that America is irredeemably rooted in racism, and “woke” culture.

Let’s get started. 

10. Yale University Requires Students to Quarantine Three Times Longer Than CDC Recommends – The College Fix

Yale University is imposing a quarantine for returning students that is three times longer than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendation, even for students who don’t show symptoms in the first ten days.

9. North Carolina Approves New Radical History Curriculum for K-12 Students – Washington Free BeaconThe North Carolina Board of Education passed revised standards that will implement elements of “critical race theory” into K-12 history lessons. Second graders will now learn “how various indigenous, religious, gender, and racial groups advocate for freedom and equality,” while fourth-graders learn how “revolution, reform, and resistance” shaped North Carolina.

8. Schools Hire Classroom Monitors to Fulfill Void Created by Fully Vaccinated Teachers – The Daily Wire

School districts in the metro-D.C. area are hiring classroom monitors to observe children who will return to school buildings while their fully vaccinated teachers remain remote. This is happening at both Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.

7. Students at Elite New York School Launch Anonymous Social Media Campaign Denouncing Teachers as ‘Racist,’ ‘Oppressors’ – City Journal 

Students at New York’s elite United Nations International School launched an anonymous social media campaign denouncing the school’s teachers and administrators for their “vast history of systemic racism,” “white liberal racist thinking,” and “direct, intentional, repeated racial trauma.”

6. Washington University Professor Wants COVID Relief Plan ‘Specifically for Racial Minorities’ – Campus Reform

A professor at Washington University in St. Louis advocated for a COVID-19 relief plan specifically targeted at black and Hispanic Americans. “This pandemic is proving to be an existential threat to [minorities’] health and economic well-being,” the professor said.

5. Maryland School District Announces Policy to Push ‘Anti-Racist Thinking’ In Preschool – The Daily Wire

The Montgomery County Public School district in Maryland spent more than $450,000 on an “anti-racist audit” for the 2020-21 school year, which resulted in the district tentatively adopting policies that push “anti-racist thinking” in preschool. The district also redefined the words “discrimination” and “racism.”

4. Tufts University Urges Rooting Out Racism Training for White, Christian Students – Campus Reform

Tufts University promoted an event called “Rooting Out Racism: An Online Retreat for White Christian Folks.” The event uses a 10-day “pray-at-your-own pace” model with audio reflections and prayer prompts that “invite white people to search their souls.”

3. D.C. Public Schools Use Black Lives Matter Curriculum to Teach Black History Month – The Daily Wire

D.C. Public Schools announced Monday that it is participating in the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action, a program that includes among its priorities “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” and allowing everyone — including six-year-olds — to “choose their own gender.”

2. San Francisco Sues Its Own School District over Reopening Plan – The Daily Wire

The city of San Francisco sued its own school board for not following state guidelines for reopening schools. The City Attorney sued the San Francisco Board of Education and the San Francisco Unified School District for refusing to release a “meaningful plan for how or when in-person” learning will reopen.

1. San Francisco Teacher: Bernie Sanders’ Mitten Oozed ‘White Privilege, Male Privilege, and Class Privilege’ – Legal Insurrection

Former University of California-Berkeley professor and current San Francisco teacher Ingrid Seyer-Ochi told her students that the Bernie Sanders memes were a form of privilege.

“When [my students] saw Sen. Bernie Sander manifesting privilege, when seemingly no one else did, I struggled to explain that disparity,” Seyer-Ochi said.

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