Democrats Obstruct Plan To Increase Funding To Vaccinate Teachers


Congressional Democrats voted against an amendment to dedicate more funding to vaccinate teachers. 

In a House Energy and Commerce committee meeting, Democrats voted against an amendment aimed at funding vaccines that would go directly to teachers. The amendment was proposed by Rep. Rich Hudson (R-GA) and would have provided $1 billion in vaccines for teachers in hopes of reopening schools as quickly as possible. 

“Across the country, our children’s education and mental health have suffered while schools have been closed,” Hudson said in a statement. “I urge my Democrat colleagues to put partisanship aside and let’s send a message to our teachers: we hear you, we value you, and we will make you a priority.During the same committee meeting, Democrats nixed an amendment to increase funding for COVID-19 testing in schools. 

“I introduced an amendment today to designate funding to increase COVID testing for teachers and school personnel to help get kids back to school,” said Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) who crafted the amendment. “Unfortunately, the amendment was blocked by the Democratic majority on the committee.” 

This isn’t the first time Democrats have shot down amendments to help facilitate the reopening of schools. In the House, Republicans proposed five amendments to get children back to in-person learning. Democrats shut down each one. 

The Daily Wire reported

In an attempt to negotiate with the Democrats’ coronavirus stimulus package, five House Republicans proposed amendments to get children back to in-person learning. In a party-line vote, House Democrats shot down all five amendments.

During an Education and Labor committee meeting, representatives from California, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, and Virginia proposed different amendments aimed at withholding stimulus money from schools that refused to offer in-person learning. 

Senate Democrats nixed a similar amendment that would have withheld taxpayer dollars from schools that refuse to reopen after teachers are vaccinated. 

These votes fall contrary to the Biden administration’s campaign promises to listen to the science and reopen schools. 

The Biden administration and Congressional Democrats have ignored the growing data that schools are not a vector of transmission. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky has repeatedly said that teachers do not need to be vaccinated to safely return to classroom learning. 

During a press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also rolled back on the Biden administration’s campaign promise to reopen schools. She clarified that reopening schools means having more than 50 percent of schools open “at least one day a week” by Biden’s 100th day in office. That goal has already been achieved. 

In a statement from Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee, they expressed frustration that Democrats are moving forward with a $1.9 billion COVID-19 relief package without bipartisan support. 

“We write to express our disappointment that you are pushing forward with a partisan process for further COVID-19 relief when Republicans stand ready to work with you,” the statement reads. “We have continuously made clear that we want to work with you and other Democrats … on another relief package so we can crush the virus, vaccinate as many Americans who want it as quickly as possible, and reopen our economy and schools.” 

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg told The Daily Wire that the Democrats are, yet again, putting politics above education. 

“Not only are Democrats ignoring the science and refusing to reopen schools, they’re not actively opposing funds to vaccinate teachers and school personnel. This is yet another example of Democrats putting partisan politics before kids’ education,” Berg said.

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