Woman reveals note she received from mysterious neighbour shaming her for 'screaming like a pig during sex' - but others joke she should deliver them a Kama Sutra book to 'spice up their lives'

  • Woman, from UK, took to Twitter to share the note she received from neighbour
  • Mysterious person said were 'sick' of hearing her 'screaming like pig' during sex 
  • One joked to post the letter back with spelling and punctuation corrections  A woman has told how a neighbour posted a letter through her door shaming her for 'screaming like a pig' during sex.

    The woman, from the UK, who goes by the handle @sharpbyname8, shared a snap of the written note which read: 'Can you please stop screaming like a pig daft'o'clock when you sha**ing!! We all sick of it!!! Neighbours.'

    However, the amused homeowner appeared to brush the cheeky note off and replied: 'I personally thought I sounded like the herbal essence woman but go off I guess.'

    And it wasn't long before the post racked up over 29, 000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

    'I'm guessing you have no kids? That teaches you the ways to be quiet,' joked one, while a second penned: 'They spelled neighbours wrong. You should drop it back with corrections.'

    An anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Twitter to share the latter a neighbour posted through her door accusing her of 'screaming like a pig' during sex (pictured)

    However, the woman in question then went on to say how she was left feeling a little baffled by the note.   

    'As much as am joking about it honestly am very aware now. And feel hella uncomfortable,' she wrote. She later added: 'If they had worded it better I'd have felt a right c**t, but this Narr I'll be louder.'

    But it still didn't stop the comments from flooding in - with many suggesting other ways in which the neighbour could reply to the note. 

    Taking to the comments section, one person joked: 'This is basically an invitation to try out some new noises' (pictured)

    Taking to the comments section, one person joked: 'This is basically an invitation to try out some new noises' (pictured)

    'I'd stick it back through the door with the punctuation, sentence construction and spelling corrected all in red pen with a 1/10 mark on it,' wrote one. 'I would then write, must try harder!'

    A second added: 'This is basically an invitation to try out some new noises hahaha. they're not a fan of pig noises, so what's next,' while a third commented: 'Have to send em a Kama sutra book, miseries need to spice up their lives.'

    Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to share their amusing sex-related stories to make the woman feel a little better. 

    'My previous neighbour's were into spanking/whipping,' wrote one. 'That sounded pretty intense. Had to repeatedly cough loudly once when my father in law came over during a daytime session to cover the noise,' while a second commented: 

    'I once lived in a flat and my neighbour downstairs used to bang on my ceiling with a broom handle during sex. I tried to laugh it off but truth was it made my life miserable.'

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