Fauci Takes Beating On Social Media After D.C. Mayor Declares Christmas Eve ‘Dr. Fauci Day’


Dr. Anthony Fauci is being mocked as the “Patron Saint of Wuhan” after Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser proclaimed Christmas Eve to be “Dr. Fauci Day.”

Fauci, an immunologist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who served on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, turns 81 today. Bowser dedicated the day to celebrating Fauci, who has long lived in the city.“Dr. Fauci has been a hero to our nation during this incredibly difficult year, working tirelessly to save lives and guide our nation’s response to and recovery from the pandemic,” Bowser said in a statement.

In her announcement, Bowser praised Fauci’s service to six presidents, as well as his love for the Washington Nationals baseball team. Calling him “a shining light in dark times for the nation,” Bowser urged all Washingotnians to “join me in wishing him the happiest of birthdays.”

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson quickly dubbed Fauci the “Patron Saint of Wuhan” in his nightly broadcast.

“Now you sometimes hear people describe our political divide in America as between the religious and the secular, but that’s not really true,” Carlson said. “Everyone in this country has a religion. The question is whether you worship God or whether you worship yourself – those are America’s two competing faiths.”

“In Washington, human power is worshiped as the living God. You’ll see temples to human power throughout the city, as well as smaller shrines to its saints. The latest holy man to be beatified there is a diminutive federal bureaucrat called Tony Fauci.”

Carlson was just getting warmed up. He added that Washingtonians “bow before Father Fauci” and “throw their Patagonia fleeces before him to ease his way as he passes.”

“Now the city’s mayor … has made it official. Bowser has declared December 24 – formerly the date of a notable Christian holiday, as Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day. In the streets, Dr. Tony’s — pardon me — Saint Tony’s many [acolytes] greeted the news with joy and exultation,” he said.

Others jumped into the fray.

“The Left is trying to change Christmas Eve into ‘Dr. Fauci Day’ and it’s weird and creepy,” wrote author Dinesh D’Souza.

Others criticized Bowser for encroaching on a religious holiday, writing that when Fauci “turns water into wine, feeds the multitudes from a few loaves, heals the sick, walks on water or rises from the dead then we can talk about a Fauci day. Until then we have a Savior and it isn’t anthony.”

Another wrote: “The Senator [sic] of Washington just named tomorrow Dr. Fauci Day is she mental ?? Tomorrow is and always will be Christmas Eve. Sorry lady.”

And another wrote: “The fact that he accepted this is all you need to know… Any less egotistical person would have turned this down.”

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