BREAKING: Multiple Southern States Reporting Victories For Trump, East Coast States For Biden


President Donald Trump secured victories in a slew of southern states on Tuesday night after picking up an initial round of victories after polls closed on the East Coast.

Trump secured victories in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama. The victories come after he won in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden secured victories in Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Trump also secured a key victory in Florida fairly early in the night, gaining the state’s 29 Electoral Votes.

Daily Wire columnist Ian Hawthorn noted:

In recent years, Florida has emerged as a perennial battleground state. In 2000, it required a month of legal fighting to break the 48.8% tie between George W. Bush and Al Gore, and in 2012, Florida was the only state decided by less than 1%, with Barack Obama edging out Mitt Romney by 50% to 49.1%. In 2016, Trump won the state by just 112,911 votes, or 1.2% of the electorate.

For the superstitious among us, Florida has an uncanny knack of siding with the election winner. Except for 1992 — when the state voted in favor of the incumbent President George HW Bush instead of Bill Clinton — Florida has voted with the winner in every presidential election since 1964.

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