'You shouldn’t tweet false statements': Ted Cruz stomps down reporter's fake news on Amy Coney Barrett hearing

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas slapped down a reporter attempting to mislead the publiic about the senator's comments during the congressional hearing for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Cruz finished up his time at the hearing of the Senate Judicial Committee with some personal questions for Barrett.

Emily Peck of Huffington Post claimed in a tweet that Cruz "only" asked Barrett about parenting.

Cruz pounced on the tweet and scolded Peck for the false claim.

"Except it's false. You're a reporter. You shouldn't tweet false statements," said Cruz.

Cruz could have cited the article from CNN that Peck posted in her tweet to refute her comment.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz used most of his 30 minutes designated for him to ask questions of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to speak about various issues, including religious freedom and the Second Amendment.

While Peck claimed he only asked Barrett about parenting, the article she posted clearly documented that he spoke on many issues during his time at the hearing. He also had an exchange with Barrett about religious liberty.

"Why is the First Amendment's protection of religious liberty, why is that important?" Cruz asked Barrett at the beginning of his time, and asked several follow up questions as well.

Cruz pounces on Democrats

The Senator also criticized Democrats for the tactics they used in an attempt to attack Barrett's qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice.

"Democrats have no meaningful criticisms of Judge Barrett. That's why, instead of discussing her qualifications, her faithfulness to the law, or her judicial temperament, Democrats spent yesterday making political and policy arguments. I expect to see more of the same today," he tweeted.

Later, he concluded of the second day of the hearings, "It speaks volumes that virtually no Democrats questioned Judge Barrett on her credentials to serve on the Supreme Court."

Here's the video of Cruz's questions at the Barrett hearings:

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