What is The Alabama White Thang?

Deep in the North Alabama woods lurks a creature that many people claim to have seen. The legend of the Alabama White Thang has been a staple of the state’s folklore since the early 1900’s. Most sightings of the Alabama White Thang occur in a triangle between Morgan, Etowah and Jefferson counties. People have reported sightings in Walnut Grove, Moody’s Chapel, Happy Hollow, and Wheeler Wildlife Refuge just to name a few.

What does the Alabama White Thang look like?

Alabama White Thang
The descriptions that witnesses give vary wildly. Several accounts describe the Alabama White Thang as being seven to eight feet tall and covered in thick white hair. Other descriptions of the famous creature paint a picture that sounds more like a white lion. Among some of the more strange descriptions reported, one stands out as the weirdest: a tall white creature standing roughly seven feet tall and resembling that of a kangaroo with the head of a cat.
Alabama White Thang
Despite being gigantic in stature, it’s allegedly known for it’s ability to move extremely quickly. Some have reported that even though it stands on two legs, it runs on all fours. Many people claim that the creature sounds like a woman screaming, others report that a foul odor, like that of dead animals, fills the air when the creature is around. Whatever it is, the Alabama White Thang has certainly caught the attention of many Alabama residents.

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